Why Mechatronics Engineering

Why Mechatronics Engineering?

In last two decades a big revolution is come in to the Indian industries through automation. Today's engineering automation systems require multi-disciplinary design teams. The field of mechatronics has been described as an intersection of the engineering areas of control systems, electronic systems, mechanical systems as well as computers. In addition, the computer tends to now be an integral component of these complex systems. Demand for Mechatronics Engineers is expected to go up, with an expected 55,790 new jobs filled by 2018. This represents an annual increase of 5.00 percent over the next few years.[1]

The state of Gujarat enjoyed the status of being on the driver seat for more than one and half decade in the industrial development front. In view of large number of existing high-tech manufacturing industries in Gujarat. Many more industries getting added every year due to liberal industrial policy of Gujarat government with lot of automation in manufacturing. The graduate in Mechatronics are large in demand. For our developing country India and leading industrial state Gujarat, mechatronics education is need of the time.

Why Mechatronics at GNU-UVPCE?

Ø  Pioneer in Mechatronics Engineering Education (since 1999)

Ø  Accredited by NBA in July 2006

Ø  Highly qualified staff, associated with inception of department.

Ø  Full flanged laboratories with latest equipment’s

Ø  Students activity clubs  like

1.      Robocon

2.      Baja

3.      E-yantra

4.      Aero modeling

Ø  Bosch Rexroth excellence center

Ø  Large number of  Industrial supports for visit, training, project and placement

Ø  Large Alumni support worldwide.(Approx., 1500)



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