Why Civil Engineering

Why Civil Engineering?


Civil Engineering is the basic engineering branch which deals with fundamental needs of human, i.e. Roti. Kapda aur Makan.

In today's context, all the infrastructural projects are 'Civil Engineering Projects comprised of Housing. Transportation, Water Supply, Irrigation. Ports and Harbours, Airports, Industrial corridors etc.

All nations, either developed or under develop, invests its huge developments funds on Civil Engineering Projects. Construction industry contributes about 10 % of GDP and supports about 15% of employment in India. This is ever developing field, satisfying the ever changing taste, climate, fashion and trends. Considering the demographic growth, it is the science for survival. 




UVPCE is the appex technical institute having vast green campus with full-fledged infrastructure accommodating 4000+ students. it has 9 branches with 200+ qualified faculties as per the norms of AICTE. The laboratories are equipped with ultra-modern instruments and trained and qualified tutors. Ratio of student/faculty is maintained scrupulously to meet with the high standards of 'teaching'. Considering the library, health center, Sport complex, modern hostels, vast green lavish campus, it creates the most befitting environment for the study.  Moreover, extra curricular activities like convergence, annual day celebration, cultural festivals, Navratri, coaching of different arts, foreign languages etc makes the UVPCE to be the most ideal place.  

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