Welfare Activity

The Ganpat Vidyanagar recognizes its responsibilities to the community in which it is located, and makes an important contribution to the life of the city and region - economically, socially and culturally. It wishes to be a good neighbor to the immediate communities and to collaborate with community groups, the voluntary sector, the police and other agencies for the good of all.

GUNI - U. V. Patel College of Engineering is an integral part of the local community, making a major contribution to the economic, social and cultural life of the town and region. We are the city's largest campus holder, with about 200 faculty members and staff. Overall, the college brings a lot of monetary benefits each year into the local economy, and many of our students choose to stay here upon graduating.

The institute is involved with many community ventures through both its staff and students.

The institute contributes to the development of the city and region through a number of partnerships and programs like NSS. The college is authorized for a National Service Scheme (NSS) Unit comprising 200 volunteers. The unit enrolls students who have the urge to do social work. Programs like family planning, prevention of malaria, and functional literacy drive are carried on by the NSS volunteers in the neighboring rural areas. Every volunteer has to attend a 10 day Annual Camp in which the cleaning up of environment in a particular area is taken up. The NSS volunteers are also at the forefront of the blood donation campaign in the college and every year. We recognize that we have to strike a balance between the needs of students and those of the local community.

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