Visit to the science city

Friday, September 18, 2015

A Visit to the Science City at Ahmedabad

On 18th September 2015, about 85 first semester students of Computer Engineering & Information Technology had visited Science City located at Ahmadabad, a very big and well established science center. A special arrangement had been made for students by our institute UVPCE to reach the location. The trip was so well planned by faculty members of Computer Engineering and Information Technology department. They did take good care of students by providing and managing travelling routs and healthy food as well.

The trip to science city was a wonderful experience with full of knowledge of Science, Maths, Biological and much more making science simple and interesting. The Scientific and Educational activities in the science city include contemporary and imaginative exhibits, minds on experiences, working models, virtual reality, activity corners, labs and live demonstrations to provide an understanding of science and technology to the common man. A visit to a Hall of Space, Planet Earth ,Energy Education Park, Life Science Park, Hall of Science, Mars ride etc was very exciting  for students and really helps them understanding basic science. It was just a complete, mesmerizing, knowledgeous, enjoying trip.

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