Visit to Gujarat Emergency Response Center (108 service),BM&I

Visit at ‘Gujarat “Emergency Response Center”, located at Naroda, Ahmedabad was successfully endeavored. In total 52 students of 7th Semester BM & I class appeared for this visit.

All the students from 7th bio-medical engineering of uvpce, kherva visited GVK emergency research center for 108 ambulance service all over Gujarat on 27th July 2016. In total 25 hostel students reached destination at 10:00 a.m. with Heena madam. Palak madam and other Ahmedabad located students joined them at same time. On reaching we met in-charge Rajendra Parghi, who made students aware about the history & functioning of 108 services. Our students were exposed to EMRI center were the entire management of  108 dialing service is operated, they had also shown the heart of the EMRI center known as server room ,were all the activities are controlled centrally.

They gave information about Basic Life support training procedure and ambulance working protocols. They had shown the ambulance and the medical instrument facility available inside it. Apart from these students were exposed to the facility of transferring patient reports from ambulance to hospital in case of emergencies. In total approximately 600 ambulances with back-up are under operation currently. Students were also exposed to working procedure related to emergency of medical, police and fire, along with women help line no 181. A new khikhilat project for drop back of new born baby and mother was explained. All students were curiously asking questions to Mr. Rajendra. They also explained about the data maintenance of each call and patient record kept with them.

We all were very impressed and heartily appreciate the type of work and quick time response given to each call as well as patient care given within ambulance. In concise our visit was very informative and successful. Students appreciated this visit.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 - 10:00
Last Changed Date : Mon, 29/08/2016 - 11:35
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