Two days GUJCOST and DST sponsored Workshop on “Mobile Application Development”


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Two-Day Workshop on "Mobile Application Development"




Two days GUJCOST and DST sponsored Workshop on “Mobile Application Development” aims to impart technical and practical knowledge to students and future engineers.

This workshop was an initiative of Department of Information Technology and Computer Engineering, Ganpat University- U V Patel College of Engineering, under the Guidance of Dr. Kiran Amin (Dean- Faculty of Engineering, Ganpat University), Dr. Rakesh Vanzara (HOD-IT), Prof. Paresh Solanki (HOD-CE), Prof Ketan Sarvakar, Prof. Keyur Jani and Prof. Himanshu Patel to impart knowledge to the students regarding app development using android platform.

Dr. Kiran Amin started by addressing the students and faculties by giving them an insight about the Department and course and why they were conducting such events for the students, what benefit students will gain by such events and many more advantages of students. Why Workshop on “Mobile Application Development” was carried out for students?

 About the Workshop:


It was an interactive workshop with Mr. Mavya Soni. He started the workshop with the Current trends of Android development and its advantages and disadvantages. He explained students the benefits and changes it will bring to day-to-day activities and how it can benefit them irrespective of their branch. He discussed the importance, usefulness and impact of apps in today’s digital world. He briefed the students about the types of validation, basic hardware and software requirements for android development.


He provided insights about Android development. He explained them app architecture, app components and app resources. He not only explained it analytically but also demonstrated by creating an app with the students. Even the students got a chance to experiment with their coding skills on Android Studio. To enhance their skills an app development competition was declared. In this the students had to design the user interface of the app.


Day 1

9:00 to 9:15



9:20 to 11:00

1. Mobile application development using Kotlin (Basic) platform

2. Discussion on Fragments- android


11:00 to 11:10

Tea Break


11:10 to 1:00

MVP architecture


1:00 to 1:40 PM

Lunch Time


1:40 to 3:15

MVVM architecture basic


3:15 to 4:00

Question answer

Day 2




9:20 to 11:00

1.How to Install Flutter on Android Studio

2.Dsicussion on dart language

3.Flutter (Basic application with like Registrations flow)

4.StatelessWidget Class

5.StatefullWidget Class  


11:00 to 11:10

Tea Break


11:10 to 1:00

Activity life cycle


1:00 to 1:40 PM

Lunch Time


1:40 to 3:15

UI Designing with Flutter


3:15 to 3:30



3:30 to 4:00

Question answer


After the workshop, the students asked him the questions and they answered them aptly.

The students got insights about how apps will disrupt the digital world, how can it be useful to them and how it will bring the change in industry.


Nidhi pravinbhai Mendapara Student of 5th semester MSC-IT Computer Engineering shared her view, Overall it was a knowledge sharing session and was beneficial for all the students and Faculties.

Zablenoor Student of 2nd semester MSC-IT shared her view, the style and way of teaching of instructor was very interactive and understandable. 

Priyansh Agrawal Student of 7th semester Computer Engineering shared his view, they demanded that more session should be organized by Department.

Kishan Vaja Student of 5th semester Information Technology shared his view, this is a really an amazing session on flutter for beginners. It gives exactly what a beginner wants. I have not seen such an easy way of explanation of the flutter UI examples. 

Prof. Keyur Jani, workshop coordinator shared his view: “Trainer has good knowledge of domain. He continuously asked for the doubts and questions & answers that are I liked. I would rank 8 out of 10.”

Prof.  Deepika, assistant professor department of computer science shared her view:  Yes, it was great pleasure to learn Flutter finally, my basic are all clear.

Dr. Kirit Modi shared his view: The content is new knowledge for me and appear that this is easy, I'm excited for start to programming a real world app with flutter.



More than 60 from various discipline (Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Department of computer science, MSC-IT, MSC-CS, MSC-physics)

Faculty coordinators,

1.      Prof. Keyurbhai Jani,

2.      Prof. Himanshu Patel,

3.      Prof Ketan Sarvakar

New Engineering Building, PG Seminar room, GNU-UVPCE
Tuesday, October 23, 2018 - 09:00 to Wednesday, October 24, 2018 - 16:00
Last Changed Date : Wed, 24/10/2018 - 20:58
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