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The T&P (Training and Placement) Cell of GUNI – UVPCE, Gujarat not only acts as a facilitator for training and placement but also works towards overall development of the students. It works under the guidance of the Training and Placement team in consultation with academic fraternity. It primarily works as a liaison between industry and institute. T&P Cell is well equipped with excellent infrastructure to support each and every stage of the placement processes. The Training and Placement Cell of the Institute has been set up to look after the Industry-Academia interface so that the students can be groomed into industry-ready technocrats. The Training and Placement Cell looks after: -Internship of the Students -Corporate Grooming of the students -Conducting various grooming sessions from Industry experts -Conducting Guest Lectures -Final Placement of the final year students.

The Training and Placement Cell is committed to the professional progress of GUNI – UVPCE , Gujarat students through integrating the career issues within an academic environment for realizing their best possible career path. The Training and Placement Cell has a vision to help the undergraduate, postgraduate students through counselling, instructions and training for development of desired skills essential for suitable job profile/ higher education/ self-employment and inviting the Corporate Industries / Research or Academic Institutes/ Commercial Organizations/ Public Sector Undertakings for campus placement. Ultimate goal is to facilitate the rating of GUNI – UVPCE, Gujarat , predominantly dominated by population from vernacular background , as one among the best Institute in India in terms of Job Placement through coordination with other Institutes.



A student can participate in the placement process of a company subject to the following conditions:

1.       The cell has confirmed his /her registration.

2.       She/he meets the requirements/eligibility criteria specified  a) by the company and Institute guidelines.

Offer of a Job

1.       The company would provide the offer letters to the cell and not to the students directly.

2.       When the cell receives an offer letter from a company for a student, it would communicate the same to him/her.

For Scheduling of the Visit of Companies following information from them is required beforehand: (To be filled in Response Sheet and sent back)

1.       Compensation package declared.

2.       Confirmation of campus visit and preferred dates


All students graduating from the institute in the subsequent years are eligible to participate in the placement activities.

*One Student - One offer: Institute has decided to follow one student one offer policy to cater more students at the campus. Once the student is selected and offer is made, he/she stands out of the placement process until he/she gets an opportunity with a company offering 30% hike in the package from the previous offer.

Placements, Internships & Career Guidance

Placement & Career guidance Department § Dedicated team § Modernization of infrastructure (Video conferencing, interview & conference rooms).

Industry MOUs- Intelligence § Data base of various potential industries/companies § MoUs and relationship management § Industry experts as resource persons.

Training & Development § Awareness programs § Value added programs (soft skills & domain expertise) § Competency enhancement centre.

Internships, Placement process & Success stories § Internships planning and execution § Placement process coordination § Success stories celebration- Brand building.


Core Committee Faculty Members – Training and Placement




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