Success story of Jash Diyora

The success story of Mr. Jashkumar Diyora

Ganpat University

U V Patel College of engineering

Mechatronics Department

Batch 2015-19


“Learned a little, a lot more to learn” - Jashkumar Diyora



“I am happy to be coined as a successful alumnus of UVPCE. I ensure to support every UVPCEian in the path towards great admits at prestigious universities and success. Hope my story will pump the right motivation into you”.



Jash has been offered admission to the prestigious program of MIT called “ MIT Technology and Innovation Bootcamp” which focuses on Robotics, AI and Entrepreneurship at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT is ranked as best Engineering School on earth and stands at #1 position. MIT is located in Boston, USA.


Jash has applied at MIT and passed through all the video interviews and exams. He was given admit for this program which was held at Tokyo, Japan. 


The admits were very rare and the admissions were given to students who are technically sound with a keen sense of business. Almost 50,000 applications were filed and top 100 were selected. Bootcamps had 31 nationalities participants. 


One semester condensed into a week. The most intense educational experience of their life. They have formed a team, worked with MIT-trained coaches, and developed a venture you can communicate with influence.


The program consists of extensive 18 hours of work in a day. The team of Jash has worked to form technical ventures. The venture developed by Jash and team had a great impact on Japanese society that Erdin Beshimov(Founder, MIT Bootcamps) invested a sum in the team right at boot camps.

The expert lectures at the boot camp were delivered by Prof Sanjay Sharma (Prof at MIT), Mr. Brain Subriana (AI Scientist at MIT), Mr.Josh Siegels (IoT expert, University of Washington) and Prof. Yokohama (University of Tokyo)


 “Success comes to those who dedicate everything to their passion in life,
Success comes to those who dare and act”



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[With inputs from Mr. Jash Diyora]

Prof D K Soni (Mechatronics department)

Ganpat University

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