A success story of Jaineel Dalal

The key to success is hardwork and determination

Jaineel Dalal (09MC11)

A success story of Jaineel Dalal student of 2009-2013 Mechatronics batch, UVPCE.

I am sure it will inspire many others and in some years we shall see UVPCE students making it to even bigger and more prestigious universities.

Jaineel has been offered an admission to the prestigious Masters of Science in Robotic Systems Development (MRSD) Program in the School of Computer Science's Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.

School of Computer Science (SCS) is the college under which Jaineel’s department falls. SCS ranks in the top 10 engineering schools of USA and the top 20 engineering schools of the world for Computer Science.
Robotics Institute (RI) which falls under SCS is ranked as the best in entire world for Robotics even better than MIT, Caltech, ETH Zurich, Stanford, and all Ivy League universities including Harvard, UPenn, Columbia, Yale etc.

The annual research expenditure for robotics at SCS is about 65 million dollars. Robotics Institute offers 3 different undergraduate programs, 4 different masters programs at masters level and 3 different Ph.D. programs for Robotics alone. It has collaborations with about 120 robotic/automation companies all over the world for placements and internships. You can check the company details here:

Apart from that, Jaineel’s program is a very unique one. Usually whenever one opts for a MS in Robotics degree it is a research oriented course with a thesis option. However MRSD is an advanced graduate degree with a combined technical/business focus for recent graduates/practicing professionals already engaged in, or wishing to enter, the robotics and automation field as practitioners in the commercial sector. This 16 months long Masters degree program distinguishes itself from any other offered program by teaching the multidisciplinary know-how and skills needed to succeed in today's industry.

It is a technical cum management program where students are not only introduced to robotic technologies and science but are also exposed to several business concepts with business/technical electives and business seminars for each semester.

Along with a 3 month internship, at the end of first 2 semesters, this program shall ensure graduates have a high level of technical and managerial competence making them extremely desirable employment candidates. Graduates are capable of operating at a higher technical/managerial level within a company from the start, drastically reducing the on-job training duration companies typically invest into an employee.

CMU-RI is the only university in the entire world which provides this unique techno-management course for robotics which basically teaches you everything in robotics as well as entrepreneurship and business.

The conventional robotics program (MS in Robotics) attracted about 660 applicants this year whereas the MRSD program attracted about 200 applicants all ranging from various fields such as Mechanical, Mechatronics, Electrical, Electronics, IC, CS and even Finance.

Jaineel had been preparing to get an admission for this particular course since he was in 3rd semester. He was in contact with many seniors who were constantly guiding him and helping to make a profile which would help to get an admission for CMU-RI. Hence at the time of applying for this unique program at Carnegie Mellon University-Robotics Institute, he not only had a very strong profile but also 4 shining recommendations from MRSD seniors, directly to the program director.

At the time of applying, Jaineel’s profile looked something like this:
• GRE: 323/340 (Quant- 167/170, Verbal-156/170, AWA-4.0/6)
• TOEFL: 111/120 (Reading 29/30, Writing: 30/30, Speaking: 24/30, Listening: 28/30)
• Academics 68.25% aggregate (First class for 3 years, Distinction in last year)
• Projects: 4 academic projects, 2 industrial projects, 1 research project-all related to robotics and automation
• Work experience: 2 internships, 1 research assistantship and 6 months of work experience as a robotics engineer at the time of applying
• He was also Team Leader of Robocon 2013 when they won Best Rookie Award, used to run a robotics club back in College, used to teach Hobby Robotics in several workshops.
You may contact him at following address:

(With inputs from Jaineel Dalal)
Cover story: Prof. D K Soni

Tuesday, February 18, 2014
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