Placement Characteristics

Placement Office endeavors to prepare students to outside corporate world on technical and non-technical attributes. 

Program Insight : 

  • Sessions on Group Discussions

  • Mock Interviews

  • Aptitude Test Preparation through in-house moodle system

  • Expert Session by Industries

Schedule :Continuous activity throughout the semester

Timings:Fridays/working Saturdays/Before the slotting of campus placement dates


  1. Ms Vibha Tank :  Vantage Plus , Ahmedabad                                                                                                                                 

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Topics Covered : Interactive Training, Positive Attitude and Values, Responsible Decision making, Expressive Communication etc

  1. Ms Mili Sharma : Free Lancer Trainer on “ Campus to Corporate “                                                                

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Topics Covered : Conflict , Time and Stress Management , Resume Writing,            Interpersonal Skills , Body Language Training etc

Expert Session delivered by Prof Asim Banerjee & Sunil (DAIICT) on “ Knowing yourself as an Engineer”







Expert Session delivered by Mr Himanshu Thakkar on “ Quantative Analysis and Aptitude Test “ ”






Major discussion areas to be touched on:

1.       Technical knowledge in students during Campus Drives.

2.       Teaching learning methodology & standards.

3.       Professional practices among students.

4.       Skills that needs to be brushed upon for better selections.

5.       Student expectations Vs Industry expectations.

6.       Is competency a major parameter during campus hiring or only qualification can suffice the purpose???

7.       Support from academics to Industries by imparting theoretical knowledge.

Outcomes for Academia                                                                              

Ganpat University – U V Patel College of Engineering had been one among the most renowned and oldest Institution in the State of Gujarat and holds a unique entity in terms to impart best technical and practical knowledge to its stake holders (students) which enables them to be preferred employees of various organizations of your scale.

Outcomes for Industry

As an industry, students will understand the need-of-an hour and work towards it. It will be an immense motivation and learning for them when they interact with you on this platform. This is in return give you an opportunity to expose them towards importance of Research and Development. Ganpat University – U V Patel College of Engineering plays an important role to bridge the gap between Industry and Academia and it could later lead to a better academic civilization with the help of industries.


  1. Mr. Mitesh Shah – CEO/Managing Director – Steelco Gujarat

  2. Mr. Bhavayash Karria – VP – HR – Gift City, Gandhinagar

  3. Mr. Pratik Modi – Head of Technology – India – S & P Global, Ahmedabad

  4. Mr Gaurav Panwar – Associate Director – S & P Global, Ahmedabad

  5. Mr. Hirak Raval – Production Manager – Coca Cola, Ahmedabad

  6. Mr. Pranav Joshi - Delivery Manager, ASIC, Ahmedabad

  7. Mr. Prashant Vaidya – VP – HR – John Energy, Ahmedabad

  8. Mr. Sharad Suthar - BU Head, Software,Ahmedabad






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