PG Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering offers Two M.Tech programme with specialization in Advanced Manufacturing System & CAD/CAM of 2 year duration. The objective of M.Tech programme is to impart cutting edge knowledge to undergraduate students, and innovation in the field of Mechanical Engineering and make them employable. The curriculum has been designed to be highly creative with a focus on mechanical skills and with need of industry.  The group of faculty members, who are from various specializations with adequate teaching and industrial experiences. The department has a rich tradition of technical and research and is widely recognized to be the pioneer in Mechanical Engineering education in North Gujarat.


Over the first two semesters, M.Tech students are required to study the subject related his specialization in third semester is devoted mostly to M.Tech projects although there are some courses to be taken during that period. The fourth semester is fully devoted to completion of the project. The curriculum has been designed to provide all students with general background in Mechanical Engineering followed by more specific knowledge in area of choice. 

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