One Day Workshop on Web Service


Tuesday, August 11, 2016

Date of workshop:  11th August, 2016.

Venue:  New Seminar Room, Ground floor,  New Building, CE/IT PG Dept., UVPCE. 

Fees: Free, In the Workshop more 100 students have participated actively.

 Course Content:


Introduction to J2EE architecture

Introduction to Distributed Application

Introduction to Web Services

What Is RESTFUL Web Service?

Use of JSON Library with RESTFUL Web Services

Implementation of RESTFUL Web Service Server

Implementation of RESTFUL Web Service Client


A one day workshop on Web Service was organized at the UVPCE, CE/IT department by Prof. Rakesh Vanzara and Prof Ketan Sarvakar for the students of 7th semester, on 11th August, 2016. The program was focused to explore the power and simplicity of the Web service in association with TCS, IT Company, Mr. Bhavik Patel, Project Head, conducted the workshop.

The workshop was carried out in 2 sessions:

1st session included concepts about Introduction of J2EE architecture and Distributed Application. 2nd session added the Introduction of Web services with new features and advanced concepts (i.e. RESTFUL Web Service with JSON Library). 

This workshop was appreciated by the all students, as they were able to add another skill in their technical skill set.

Thursday, August 11, 2016 - 10:15
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