Mechatronics is a word originated in Japan in the 1980s to denote the combination of technologies which go together to produce industrial robots and automation. A formal definition of Mechatronics is ``the synergistic integration of Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Computer technology, and IT to produce or enhance products and systems.’’ Department of Mechatronics Engineering was established in the year 1999, with the objective of imparting quality education in the emerging field of Mechatonics Engineering. The Department has laboratories equipped with ultra modern equipment to cater the need of mechatronics engineers like six degree robot, Bosch Hydraulics trainer, PLCs of all wellknown companies, CNC m/c and many more. Automation technology is developing by leaps and bounds and the department has always produced skilled and knowledgeable professionals, holding important positions in the world to cope up with this dynamic scenario.

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