E Yantra lab

Hydraulics and pneumatics

 Electro Pneumatics kit

Pneumatics Training Kit

Hydraulic Training Kit

Banana Plug Cable

Input Output Interface Kit

Pneumatic Training software   

Automation studio 5.3

OPC Client Communication Module for input/output  Simulation and control Monitoring

Hydraulic Training System includes

   a. Hydraulic kit (Model HTS 100)

   b. Electro-hydraulic Kit

      (Model HTS 100E)

Advance controller

MicroLogix TM 1200 Programmable

PLC trainer (with out PLC)

Sensor Technology  Package

Siemens PLC

Siemens HMI

Sensor system

DAQ card

Load Cell

Pressure Transduce

Joint Angle Potentiometer

Incremental Encoder

Smart Sensor

 Proximity Photo Sensor

Inductive Proximity Sensor

25000 RPM DC motor 12 V

 High Torque DC Geared Motor 900 RPM

Ultrasonic  Distance Measurement Sensor 4 meter

riple Axis Accelerometer & Gyro MPU-6050 Breakout

Sharp IR Rangefinder

2A Dual Motor Driver Module with PWM Control

MPS Supply

 Industrial Power Supply 12 V, 10 A

16* 2LCD , 16 pin

Vibration Sensor

 Flex Sensor & Its Accessories

Torque Transducer +Signal Conditioner & Its Accessories

 Force Sensor & Its Accessories

Analog and Digital Circuit

‘Aplab’ Make 20 MHZ Dual Trace Oscilloscope         

Meco’ Make 31/2 digital Auto range digital Multimeter

‘Sanwa’ Analog Multimeter

Bread Board Trainer with power supply “Edkit” PB01

Microprocessor Trainer kit “Dynalog SBC 51”      

‘Aplab’ make Regulated power supply Model :LQ 6324

‘Aplab’ make 2 MHz function generator Model : 2011 A

Measurement of pressure using pressure transducer with Digital display 

Pizzo electric transducer “ Hitech”           

Analog& Digital Trainer Kit

Computer Aided Manufacturing

CNC Turning Center


Spark Erosion Machine (EDM)

Solid-edge Software

Uni-graphics NX-8

Microprocessor and Micro-controllers

Microprocessor-8085 kit

8251,8253,8255,8259,8279 study card interface

ADC, DAC Card, Stepper motor

Education Practice Board for MINI 51


SUPERPRO-300U programmer

Ask-19 Finger Print Sensor Interfacing Kit

ASK-11 Thermal Printer

ASK-17 Graphic LCD interfacing KIT (320*240)

Microprocessor Trainer kit

Control System


Ac servo motor position controller

Synchro transmitter & receiver trainer

Digital pid controller

Temperature control systems

Stepper motor controller trainer

Process control simulator

Transfer function of dc servo motor

Transfer function of two phase ac servo motor

Rtd module

Displacement measurement trainer using lvdt

Tunning of controller

Lab view software

Industrial Electronics

Thyristorised drive for 1 hp dc motor

Dc drive using jones chopper

Single phase cyclo converter control circuit module

Single phase ac voltage controller training kit

Scr  mosfet, igtr & triac –static char. Module

Single phase cyclo converter (hv)

Scr vi characteristics study trainer

Chopper firing circuit module


Mini Trainer Robot

Aristo Robot

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