1. 1.    Protection and switchgear

    This laboratory is equipped with all the fundamental equipment required for experiments involving Protection and Switchgear. The laboratory contains the software used by industry professionals for the creation and maintenance of power systems

    2.    Computer laboratory

    The laboratory is available with a PC desktop with an internet facility. Students can use the laboratory for the research and simulation purposes and can access the internet for more assistance. Various simulation software like PSCAD & PSIM are available here.

    1. Advanced Electrical Machine

    This laboratory has been developed to widen the scope of machine laboratory by including advanced machines & drives system like switched reluctance motors, stepper motor, BLDC motor, Double fed Induction machine, etc. The laboratory is well equipped to cater to the requirement of experiments at PG level.

    1.  Advanced Power Electronics

    This laboratory contains types of equipment such as single-phase and three-phase inverter trainer, Series inverter, dc dc converter, etc. The students will able to understand the operation of power electronic converters.

    1.  Electrical Drives

    This laboratory consists of various  machine drives including SPWM and SVM inverter-based Induction motor drive, chopper fed dc motor drive, BLDC motor drive etc. Here the student will able to explore their knowledge about control of electrical machines 

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