Intelligence assessment based on Biometrics evaluation

Date                      : 31-12-2014 , Wednesday 10.00 am to 11.30 am

The Speaker         : Ashokkumar Agrwal (Academy for multiple intelligence)

There are 4 very important steps in the KNOWLEDGE processing at all levels:

a. Knowledge distribution

b. Knowledge retention

c. Knowledge recall

d. Knowledge Expansion

The question which arises then is: how do we come to know these 8 intelligences of each individual. There are paper-pencil types of tests being conducted for quite some time now, which have still not given the desired results; so to trust those for the development of an entire generation would be a path full of risks. The reason for the failure of these tests largely is that manipulation is possible from the candidate’s side. Then, what is needed is some kind of a test, where the inputs cannot be manipulated, and of course, the test should be scientific.

Enter BRAINBOW which uses the DMIT process: For each individual, it is very easy to know the distribution of these 8  Intelligences with 100% accuracy, in a scientific manner using the DMIT process. DMIT stands for Dermatoglyphics and Multiple Intelligence Test. This process is both scientific and uses a static input i.e. Biometrics or Fingerprints of humans.

The science being used here is Dermatoglyphics, which refers to the study of Ridges present on the individual’s fingertips. Dermatoglyphics is a medically documented science under Dermatology, and is also taught in clinical Psychology as a very important subject for understanding the Human Innate (inborn qualities).

The diagonal linking of each finger to its corresponding lobe has been proved through experiments by Nobel Laureate- Dr. Roger Wolcott Sperry in his theory of NGF-EGF in 1983. Fingerprints of an individual are static and unique. They never change in life. So, Brain bow complies with both the important criteria: Science and Static input. Once this information as regards the innate potentials represented as 10 lobes of the human brain leading to the 8 intelligences is in hand, then each individual can be taught :
- In the manner the brain receives, processes & responds to information easily.
- The kind of knowledge / information which is easy for the brain to receive, retain & recall.
- To Undertake hobbies, activities [Physical as well as extra-curricular] which stimulate the brain and make it function in a   more concentrated and precise manner.
The accuracy of innate potentials as derived by BRAINBOW is 100%. Based on the solutions and derives, there will be a perfect utilization of the 3 resources: Money, Energy and time for everyone. With the implementation of BRAINBOW, we can assure that there is synchronization on how the above mentioned 3 resources are utilized in a manner that there is an optimum & desired output.

We would like to present ourselves with this unique concept of Brain bow to you & your respected colleagues so that this can then be taken up as an innovative Project to assist and assure the best and desired results for complying with the mission of spreading knowledge –Knowledge which applies.


Our sincere thanks to Shri Sanjaybhai Parikh.

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