Innovative Project Idea Competition (IPIC)

The main aim or purpose for conducting such a competition is to enhance the knowledge of student and motivate them to compete in the global competitive engineering field and they can make awareness about fast growing technologies, its real applications in industries, knowing about other’s innovations, building of their inherent abilities and improvement of their communication is possible by shearing of their knowledge to the others.


Main objectives of the Innovative Project Idea Competition is to provide a plate form  to the students to developed a new and innovative projects which will improving quality  of  life  of  people, improving environment and  contributing  to  economic  development   of nation.  This event provides a platform for the budding engineers to showcase their creative and innovative project ideas to compete in the global competitive engineering field.Project ideas shall be from engineering field (preferably multidisciplinary area), for new or improvement in existing products or processes.It may be of proposing a better method of analysisor design, use of new  materials  or  use  of  waste materials, optimizing  use  of  resources,  includingenergy  requirement,  improving  sustainability, safety or adding value to products or processes.

Project idea judging based on the following criteria: 

  • Innovativeness
  • Aesthetic
  • Simplicity
  • Sustainability
  • Usefulness to society or industry
  • Optimization of use of resources (time, money, materials, manpower or energy)
  • Employment generation
  • Improving productivity
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