Innovative Project Idea Competition 2014


The main objectives of the ‘Innovative Project Idea Competition’ were improving the quality of the life of people, improving the environment and contributing to economic development of nation. The idea for the project had to be from the Engineering field (preferably multidisciplinary area), about a new product or process or improvements in existing ones. It could be proposing a better method of analysis or design, use of new material or use of waste material, optimising use of resources including energy requirement, improving sustainability, safety or adding value to products or processes.

From B.Tech (CSE), 
Malav Parikh of first semester, participated and his idea was shorted listed and fund for its prototype’s development had been announced.
Project idea:  “SpeedBrain”

Primary Objectives

Would pro-actively alert the driver, driving a vehicle upon over speeding simultaneously, would alert the parents about children’s speedy driving. This would further help commercial bodies to keep a watch on drivers’ driving rashly

The primary purpose of the project is to reduce road accidents using innovative technology Pro-active alerts & monitoring will create awareness amongst stakeholders.       


No such tools or methods exist to help and overcome speedy driving issue.

Usefulness to society or industry

Idea is targeted to address the problems of parents worried about their children’s’ driving habits. With this tools, parents will remain well acquainted about over-speeding issue parent, guardian, controlling body would be alerted pro-activeness will help save people from crime & undesired situations.

Thursday, September 25, 2014
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