Engineers operate at the interface between science and society. To identify the great works done by our hard working engineers each year 15th September is celebrated as Engineers' Day.

 On this occasion, Department of Biomedical Engineering organized various events for every semester by faculty coordinators Mr. Tejas V Bhatt, Mrs. Avani Shah, Mrs. Hitiksha Shah , Mr. Atul Kataria

The students of 1st sem celebrated this event together with EC department.

 The students of 3rd semester were organized a Technical Rapid fire event.

Technical Rapid Fire event had 4 rounds. Total 32 students are participated. This event was conducted by the 3rd semester student coordinator Upasi Shah & Khyati Rai. 32 students were bifurcated into groups of 4. This event was judged by Prof.Hetal Mehta .

For 5th semester and 7th semester students 2 events were organized.

1.      Pick and sell

2.      Technical damsharas

In pick and sell event students were given the particular instrument (medical only) and they have to convince the audience/judges to buy the product.

In Technical damsharas student has explain the instrument to his partner without speaking a single word. 10 groups of students took part in this event. This event was conducted by the 5th semester student coordinator Gantvya srivastava and Kaushal Kakadiya.The student coordinators of the events are: 1) Nikunj Sudani 2) Deesha Patel and 3) Pooja Shrotriya from 7th BM.

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