Continuing Education Unit (CEU) – UVPCE


With an aim to provide learning platforms for the students of Ganpat university-U V Patel College of engineering to attain additional skills (other than the curricular), the university has taken an initiative to offer the value-based and/or skill-based additional and non-credit courses termed as the Continuing Education Units.

In line with this, students can select one of the courses from the given choices of his/her academic discipline or from the common course.

As per the directives of the University, it is mandatory for the students of First Year(UG+PG) to complete at least one course.

Course Type A: Detail of camp base audit courses:

1. Adventure Course – At Mount Abu

2. Wildlife Conservation Course – Sasan Gir


Course Type B:

1. NPTEL based Course 

2. Ethics and Value (UVPCE already offered)



CEU Course Fee

1. Adventure Course – At Mount Abu 

2. Wildlife Conservation Course – Sasan Gir

3. NPTEL based Course (-NA-)

4. Ethics and Value (-NA- )


These courses are specially designed for First Year students.


In Adventure Course- 2 faculty members will have to go with the students and in Wildlife Conservation Course- 3 faculty member will have to go with students of respective Institute/College/Department.


Second Year, Third Year and Fourth Year students can also participate in it.


On the successful completion of the CE, a Certificate of Completion of Continuing Unit <Title of the Subject/Course> will be issued by the Ganpat University from Continuing Education Unit (CEU) to the student.


The Student can register themselves for the respective course through the Coordinator of the Institute.


For further assistance or Any other information, you may contact:

Prof. Ketan Sarvakar

Coordinator- Continuing Education Unit (CEU) – UVPCE

(M) +91-9428604321



Note: Circular No. 10/2018, F. No. 268/GNU/Circular/CEU/193/2018 dated 12-Feb-2018

Last Changed Date : Sun, 16/09/2018 - 21:06
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