Completed Projects of IPIC

[1] Four Direction Moving Car
Name of Student: Kanasagara Harshdip M., (B. Tech. VIII Sem. ME)
Name of Guide: Prof. N. J. Thakkar, Prof. Vijay D. Patel
Fund Provided: Rs. 83,000/-
Real life problem of parking of car when front and rear spaces small compare to car length and enough space in side-ways at that time parking of car is very difficult and sometimes when the vehicle trapped in the traffic and it had space to move in lateral direction but not in linear direction. One of the solution of these problems is four direction movement of vehicle. Exactly two perpendicular motion of vehicle in constrain space is quite difficult. But it can be resolve by applying four extra wheel in lateral direction which will lift the car from ground as well as move it in lateral direction.

For open the lateral wheel to lift the vehicle from ground slider with linkages operated by hydraulic cylinder or link mechanism can be used. After lifting of the vehicle on the lateral wheel, mechanical power for lateral movement of vehicle can be given by main engine of vehicle transmitting to vehicle using belt or chain drive power transmission.
Fig. 1 Lifter in completely Close Condition
Fig. 2 Vehicle completely lifted upon lateral wheel by Lifter
Fig. 3 Working model of four direction moving car

[2] Attendance system using RFID (Radio frequency identification) cards
Name of Student: Sanjay Odedara, Deep Bechara (B. Tech. III Sem. EC)
Name of Guide: Prof. J. C. Prajapati & Prof. Samir Mansuri
Fund Provided: Rs. 25,000/- 
Innovative Idea:        
RFID is a very useful technology in AUTOMATIC ATTENDANCE System in a collage. It will automatically take the attendance from the RFID tag of owner lecturer and stored it into the flash memory. It is very easy to implement this IDEA within the collage, school and industrial environment.
Usefulness to society or industry:

Nowadays in schools, colleges, government bodies introduce the finger print attendance system in place of the signature in physical muster. But finger print attendance system cannot work efficiently because finger prints surfaces are not very clear for every person and it can create the problem for detection of finger print. To overcome this problem, use of RFID is best solution for automatic attendance system and for that the RFID based automatic attendance system is developed. System diagrams and circuit diagrams are represented as below. This new innovative idea works on contact less attendance system that works automatically and accurately and it will solve the detection problem of finger print and reduce the waiting time for making attendance as well as queuing problem.
Fig. 4 Block diagram
PCB Layouts:
 (a) Global Layer                                                                                                                                              (b) Top Layer

(c) Bottom Layer                                                                                                                       (d) Drill Layer

 Fig. 5 PCB layouts

[3] Grain suction blower (IPIC 017)
Name of Student: Patel Dhruv P., Patel Bhargav H., Patel Vipul D. (B. Tech. VIII Sem. ME)
Name of Guide: Prof. Hiren R. Prajapati, Dr. B. P. Patel
Fund Provided: Rs. 35,000/- 
Today we are seeing the problem of the labour work in industry or market yard. There is big problem of transferring the grains from one place to other place. The transportation time is very much and in bad weather condition there is a big problem of transportation. In big farm there is also same issue of labour work. Even the work done by labour is slow and it’s not accurate. To increase the transportation speed and easy handling GRAIN SUCTION BLOWER is the best solution.

Grain suction blower is used for handling of grain in to various mode. It works under pressure of air. So it is also known as a pressure conveying or pneumatic conveying system. The suction blower is a unique solution when flexible conveying is needed and is used everywhere for transporting grain. It sucks grain directly from the floor or pit through a flexible or fixed pipe system. Pipes, bends and diverters can be fitted so that the grain can be conveyed to its desired destination.

Suction blowers can be used for a variety of conveying tasks in the field and on the farm. They are used for sucking crops from heaps and out of pits and blow it directly on a truck, into a silo or an on floor-storage system.
Fig. 6 Working model of grain suction blower

[4] Solar Stirling Engine (IPIC 058)
Name of Student: Hiren S. Prajapati, Vadher Rahul, Patel Yash (B. Tech. VIII Sem. ME)
Name of Guide: Prof. Ravi K. Patel
Fund Provided: Rs. 11,000/- 
A Stirling engine is the closest real engine to approximate the theoretical Carnot cycle engine and consists of rapidly heating and cooling a gas within a piston/cylinder device. The gas is fully contained meaning there is no exhaust or intake and therefore the Stirling engine is considered an external combustion engine as the heat is applied externally. We intended to utilize the power of the sun to provide the necessary energy to the system instead of burning conventional fuels. The main purpose of the project served to promote the use of Stirling engines in ‘green energy’ applications. Due to the high theoretical efficiencies of Stirling engines they are a prime candidate for future solar energy generation research. Solar powered Stirling engines are now commercially available up to 25 kW of generating capacity.

As a part of project work, design calculations carried out for all the parts and manufacturing drawings are prepared as well as the actual working of engine carried out. Following are the some photographs of the working model of solar stirling engine.
Fig. 1 Bottom arrangement of engine
Fig. 2 Working model of solar stirling engine (View –I)
Fig. 3 Working model of solar stirling engine (View –II)
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