Centralized events for Year 2021


Sr. No.Name of DepartmentName of ActivitiyTentetive Title of ActivityMonthTentetive Date/MonthName of Coordinator
1BMEExpert session on women hygieneSeminar FebruaryFebruary 2021Prof.R.K.Patel
2BMEHow to start the StartupSeminar/WebinarMarchMarch 2021



3EC/ICTAwareness session on SSIP projects and guidelinesSeminar on SSIP projects AprilApril 2021

Dr. V. K. Patel

Prof. B. H. Soni

4ME/MC/AutoWorkshop on IPRSeminar on IPRMay24/05/2021Dr. B. P. Patel
5CIVILSeminar on research paper writing and its publicationHow to write research paper effectively?Jun19/06/2021Dr. C.G.Patel
6ElectricalWorkshop on writing of research proposalSeminar JulyJuly 2021

Dr. R. A. Patel

Prof. M. M. Modi

7ME/MC/AutoWorkshop on problem solving and ideationWorkhop on problem solving and ideationAugustAugust 2021

Dr. C. P. Patel

Dr. B. P. Patel

8BMEBenefit of ISA Chapter and membershipWebinar AugustAugust 2021



9CE/ITMotivational sessions by entrepreneur founderWebinar AugustAugust 2021

Dr. P. M. Solanki

Prof. Ketan Sarvakar 

10CIVILMotivational sessions by successful entrepreneur startup founderExpert TalkAugust21/08/2021

Dr. C. G. Patel

Prof. J. V. Solanki

11CE/ITExpert talk under CSI chapterSeminar/WebinarSeptemberSeptember 2021

Prof. Sweta Dargad

Dr. R. D. Vanzara

Dr. P. M. Solanki 

12CE/IT2-3-days IEEE/Springer Conference -2021 (International Conference to publish paper)
(GUJCOST and DST Sponsored)
ConferenceDecemberDecember 2021

Dr. Rakesh Vanzara
Dr. Paresh Solanki
Prof. Ketan Sarvakar
Prof. Sweta Dargad (Hosting)
Prof. Manan Thakkar (Web)
Prof. Hiten Sadani (Web)
Prof. Pravesh Patel (Web)
And All CE/IT Staff

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