The department of Computer Engineering has latest configured hardware and devices. The laboratories are well equipped in the specialized areas. The laboratories are enriched with all state of art equipments and licensed software to fulfill the needs of UG & PG students as well as R&D and consultancy works. Our Technical staff is well qualified and able to support day to day need of IT infrastructure and services. There are 350 computer systems connected in LAN. The laboratories are as follows:

Laboratory Name Description

Software and Hardware Configuration

Operating System Student can develop various algorithm like Process scheduling, Disk- Scheduling, Multi-thread  programming, Shell scripting on linux platform -Latest Fedora Linux Installed
- Several ports are configured for availability of  different services


Students can perform various experiment for configuration of server ,working of standard routing protocol, client – server based interaction based algorithm implementation, Network programming and Simulation

-Transmission media, Networking devices, High Configured server, NS 2, ONE simulator, JAVA

Systems Programming

Students can design and develop the various phases of compiler.

C, C++, Python

Software Engineering

Interactive graphics based software is available to design the  Context- level  diagram, Activity diagram, Class diagram, Relationship diagram, data dictionary design etc.

Rational Suite Development studio

Windows and Web Programming

To develop various windows and web based application and problem solving.

Visual studio .net frame work, WAMP, LAMP

Multimedia and Graphics

Development of various graphic element algorithms and designing interactive user interface of website and application.

Multimedia tools and Well configured system

Programming Lab

Structured and Object oriented programming, Implementation of web services, thread programming, website development, socket programming.

JAVA, Net beans, Eclipse, C, C++


Query Processing, Programming based query, Database Design, Entity Relationship(ER) diagram.

Oracle, MySql, MS Sql server

Artificial Intelligence

Development of Expert system and intelligence algorithm to solve large problem.

C, prolog

High Performance Computing / Distributed Computing

RPC, RMI, Thread Programming, File system Implementation like DFS, NFS, Hadoop and CODA.

High configured system

Mobile Application Development

Department has 60 android devices ( Tablet ) to deploy mobile application

Eclipse, Software Development kit for Android, Tablet

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