Academic-Industrial collabration (UVPCE (BME)-Soma Tech)

Soma Tech Pvt. Ltd. Company provides healthcare solutions through medical equipments which is located at GIDC Salvi  Road, Vadodara, Gujarat. Mr. Hiren Desai, co-founder and CEO of Soma Tech company, had visited U.V. Patel college of Engineering. This meeting took place between  Mr. Hiren Desai with Dr. Mahendra Sharma  (Director, GNU),  Dr. Amit Patel (Registar, GNU) and Dr. Kiran Amin (Principal,UVPCE). Prof. Himanshu Patel (HOD,BME) and faculty (Ms. Palak A. Parikh) attended meeting on behalf of Biomedical department. Officials from company visited college , department and incubation centres running on campus of Ganpat University.

Meeting turned out to be fruitful which led to the signing of MoU between U. V. Patel college of Engineering and Soma Tech Pvt. Ltd. Company. Mou was signed by Dr. Kiran Amin ( Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Technology) and Mr. Hiren Desai (Co-founder, CEO and President , Soma Tech Pvt. Ltd.) in presence Prof. H.A.Patel (HOD, BME), Ms. Palak Parikh (Faculty, BME), Mr. Prashant Baranpurkar (HR Manager, Soma Tech) and Ms Ayushi Vyas (Sales/ Marketing co-ordinator, Soma Tech).

This recently signed Mou  has prime focus on upgrading the academic syllabus, guiding students for incorporating industrial skills and knowledge, contributing medical field through innovating affordable techniques through collaborative research projects.

Company will provide training, Guide certain students group for projects, and allow visit to students of biomedical engineering department. Company will remain in contact with the department through expert lectures, seminars and participating in orientation programme.


Wednesday, March 7, 2018 - 10:00
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