Bio-Medical Engineering

Designation Email Address Extension No (02762 286805)
Mr. Himanshu A. Patel (M.Tech, B.E.) Associate Professor & Head of Department himanshu[dot]patel[AT]ganpatuniversity[dot]ac[dot]in 2341
Ms. Raksha K. Patel (M.Tech., B.E.) Assistant Professor (BME) raksha[dot]patel[AT]ganpatuniversity[dot]ac[dot]in 2342
Mr. Tejaskumar V. Bhatt (M.Tech., B.E., D.E.) Assistant Professor (BME) tejas[dot]bhatt[AT]ganpatuniversity[dot]ac[dot]in 2345
Ms. Hitiksha A. Shah (M.E., B.E.) Assistant Professor hitiksha[dot]shah[AT]ganpatuniversity[dot]ac[dot]in 2343
Ms. Heena K. Patel (M.Tech., B.Tech.) Assistant professor hkp01[AT]ganpatuniversity[dot]ac[dot]in 2344
Ms. Palak A. Parikh (Master, B.E.) Assistant Professor pap01[AT]ganpatuniversity[dot]ac[dot]in 2343
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